9:30 am. Sunday School
10:30 am. Worship Service  6:00 pm. Evening Service


Wednesday                    7:00 pm. Prayer and Bible Study





Bible - Based
Christ - Centered
Missions - Minded

The Head of this Church:




Welcome to Bethel


We Welcome you to Bethel Community Church





  What do We Believe?  
    See our Statement of Faith & 1689 Confession of Faith  
  What is Our Purpose?  
  1 The Worship of God in the Glorious Trinity of His Persons  
  2 For the Fellowship of the believers resulting in the continuing unification and edification of the Body of Christ  
  3 The teaching and instruction of the believers and the development in them of a consistent Christian character  
  4 The evangelism of the lost both here and to the uttermost parts of the earth and the proclamation of a total missionary endeavor at home and abroad  
  5 The promotion of Christian education through the establishment and/or support of Christian academic institutions  





  Verse of the Month  
This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him and saved him out of all his troubles.
Psalm 34: 6


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